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House of Hair featuring Dee Snider
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So what are YOU doing in March? I'll be on @The80sCruise hosting the Biggest, Loudest, Most Radical 80’s party EVER! There is still time for you to join me and when you book with promo code: PARTY you’ll save hundreds. https://t.co/DI3JgKWZ84

#NowPlaying Dee Snider @deesnider @AWhiteGluz - Dead Hearts (Love Thy Enemy) 2018 #Radio #webplayer: https://t.co/QqbW4t8XkZ

@deesnider kids having a good time after lunch listening to their favourite song on @PlanetRockRadio they're not gonna take it. A.J. would be proud!

Dee Snider "So What" Official Music Video - YouTube. ⁦@deesnider⁩ this music video resonates to the message, Native American, Nathan Phillips was trying to spread. Now I understand the message that “SO WHAT” spreads. https://t.co/2D6HoR3dmT

#NowPlaying Dee Snider @deesnider - Become the Storm (2018) #ForTheLoveofMetal #deeciples #Radio #webplayer: https://t.co/QqbW4t8XkZ

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Prospector's Prime Cuts (Best of Prospector 1-21-19) https://t.co/MujgG6RhkF

Prospector's Prime Cuts (Best of Prospector 1-18-19)
#Prospector #YambagoftheWeek #Prospector'sBriefs #NEPA https://t.co/EsGbRyJ8Tf

NFL Quicksnaps with Costaki Economopolus
#Prospector #NFL #CostakiEconomopolus #Quicksnaps https://t.co/6bKjxFf3q8

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