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Eerie, Pennsylvania


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Shari McBride stopped by from @HAPPI927 to tell us about the CycleFest, a show at the Station Dinner Theater, and a car show in Girard! Check it out...

Happiness =

Being inspired

Feeling amazing

Sharing your accomplishments with the people you love

Giving more to others than you receive

Being grateful for the people and things you have in your life

Craving more knowledge and experiences

Be a HERO for local students! Erie, we need YOUR help! Bring school supplies when you bring the kids to see Iron Man July 21st from noon to 4 p.m.

Shari McBride from @HAPPI927 stopped by to tell us about this weekend's Happi-nings! She tells us about a vertical wine tasting, a hydroflight event, and a car cruise! Whatever you do this weekend, make it a Happi one! 🙂

Shari McBride from @HAPPI927 stopped by to let us know about this weekend's 'Happi-nings'! She tells us about Fitness Fridays at Asbury Woods, Little Mermaid, Jr., and the Summer Music Series at Frontier Park! Have a Happi weekend!

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