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.@Disney slowing down production of @starwars franchise

Watch Angela, Jason, and Kevin go Over the Edge to Raise Money for Interfaith Human Services and FaithCentre!! Donate to a good cause https://t.co/KLeoENaPdX

What is the best side for a BBQ? Coleslaw? (Gross) Mac and Cheese? (Depends who makes it) Potato Salad? Sound off!

It's coming back baby! White outs and ESPN back on a lawn somewhere in Happy Valley. A lawn in front of a famous building. Which one? What's the time on campus? https://t.co/EYRE7pg1Ts

There is town full of Spiders!!! In Aotoliko, Greece Spiders have been given the perfect opportunity to flourish because they're pray have increased in numbers. The only consequence is the hordes of Webs covering the entire town. https://t.co/0bnlniffw3

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