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Listen for the daily temperature all week long and you could be heading off to @HRHDaytona for an incredible vacation!

All thanks to @VISITFLORIDA #LoveFL


.@graedrake joined the show to talk about the drama “The United States vs. Billie Holiday” starring Andra Day streaming on Hulu.

Plus, don’t miss watching the family comedy “Tom and Jerry” starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Colin Jost!


Chelsea Sanders won a trip for two to the @HRHDaytona thanks to @VISITFLORIDA #LoveFL

Escape the cold and imagine days on the beach without shoes – or worries…with our Winter Warm-Up!


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She accidentally sent the wrong text to her boss...and now she's in hot water! 😬 Can @TheBertShow help her get out of this mess? #TextingTutor


This @TheBertShow intern and her classmates planned to REBEL against their professor! How'd it go? Here's the update: http://bit.ly/3dIJUs7

That awkward moment when your mug has an inappropriate word on it, and the entire Zoom call sees it! Super embarrassing, right? Whelp, it happened to this @TheBertShow member. http://bit.ly/3aVmtd7

Today on @TheBertShow: If you found out your kid got into a fight at school without telling their teachers, what would you do? Would you drop it or tell their principal? In this case, these parents are at odds on how to handle this situation. http://bit.ly/3kpweUh

Help @TheBertShow settle this debate. Is this #DariusRucker lyric from "Only Wanna Be With You" really about sports? 🤔 http://bit.ly/3aZ3oqN

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