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Check out the latest podcast episodes from our staff! https://t.co/OHrGYkgX7F

Eugenio Derbez joined us in studio to discuss his the remake of "Overboard," which he stars in with Anna Faris! https://t.co/UB2MAvXjUk

If your boyfriend is moving to another state, would you try long distance dating or would you end things before he left? https://t.co/f0VsbV5hWm

Do you have an waitstaff horror stories? https://t.co/bysqV8i2BO

We're still playing Beat The Bank! Tune in tomorrow at 7:10 & 8:10 CT for a chance to put an extra $1,000 in your pocket!

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I'll never forget interviewing Avicii on the first day of my first ever GRAMMYs broadcast. He was very generous with his time and answers. Even back in 2013 we were talking about adjusting his lifestyle and habits to his busy schedule. https://t.co/ug6Y9lYmfa

.@bigalmack isn't sure why, but every year or two he has a dream about @kellierasberry! 😂 https://t.co/SUoGK0KpDJ

💰💰💰It pays to listen. #TheThousandDollarPayoff returns tomorrow morning at 9am.

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