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Check out what everyone thinks of Jenna's new boyfriend!😚 https://t.co/CGYI0enI8n

Listen to @JSi5 get told his 2019 fortune! https://t.co/ZdhG7kcIVb

Miss this weeks Showbiz Top 5's? Click here to see what you missed! https://t.co/Wx0OGXf5Zi

Get your copy of The King Of. Our very own card game! https://t.co/d4kgZhuUzZ

Will 2019 be Big Al Mack's year of love? ❤️💯https://t.co/2H5SBocBSw

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Here’s comes the snow.... brrr.... - @StayceeHeart 🥶 @ 97.1/95.7 BHT https://t.co/0AB7bJFpKx

#BrandNewMusic coming up at 11pm on BHT! #Gesaffelstein + #TheWeeknd with “Lost in the Fire” 🔥🔥🔥 //@lauragradio

Ex-wife of R. Kelly, @DREAKelly, joined @TheBertShow in studio to open up about her life with #RKelly, being a survivor, her fears for her kids and the final breaking point, why she kept his last name + why she's speaking up now. https://t.co/f5HpeZFOPa

.@PreciousDavi is questioning humanity...and after all the garbage human beings she's had to deal with in the wake of her father's death, we 100% get it. https://t.co/l1yu4F9Fkc

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