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You could win hard cold cash playing Beat the Bank!

Listen Weekdays at 7:40am CT for the vault password and your chance to play!


KKMS Daily News takes you into the cast’s homes for their “top stories” including… Ana is easily spooked! Producer Nick tries out different alarm tones!

PLUS Big Al says ‘stop it’ and did J-Si ruin stuff with Gary?!


Big Al pulls a Kellie… I’m not doing that! What will he NOT give up for the show? Listen below!


We are back in studio and able to take your calls and we want to hear all about your #FirstWorldProblems!

A lot of people have problems with their free company vehicles… and Big Al has a hot opinion! Are you guilty of doing this?


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TikTok is a global phenomenon and Rolling Stone won’t “let this flop.” Their all-new weekly podcast called “Don’t Let This Flop” dropped this week and on the first episode they discuss the D’Amelio’s, sploshing, and the devious licks trend. https://apple.co/3nWMlw7

This @TheBertShow listener isn’t anti-vax, she’s vaccine *hesitant*…but now that her office is incentivizing workers to get vaxxed to the tune of $800, she is considering getting the jab behind her anti-vax husband’s back! https://bit.ly/3AwWao1

Today on @TheBertShow, her husband decided to get their son’s first haircut behind her back and she is considering DIVORCE. Is she overreacting or right to cut her losses? https://bit.ly/3lN2CRV

This @TheBertShow listener wants to know: is she an a*hole for suggesting her daughter-in-law who suffers from a chronic illness LEAVE her son? https://bit.ly/3CytNqg

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