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Dr. Oz joined the show to chat about some of the segments he has coming up on his show from vaccine myths to tips on training your dog!


Do you feel confident in your robbery skills for Beat the Bank: Money Heist???

Listen for the vault alarm and code word for your chance to play and WIN CASH!!!


When you ask kids questions, you get super honest answers… And Kinsey was a little disappointed to hear what her daughter Chloe wrote about her!

Check it out to get the full story below.


J-Si's wife quickly learned why you shouldn't spy on your family's location.... Plus, Ana is pregaming Hot Girl Summer and Kellie had a fabulous Mother's Day!


Producer Trey thought of a really cute idea for his wife’s first Mother’s Day but he didn’t think things all the way through. I mean… What could go wrong when you paint a baby?


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Is this @TheBertShow member's husband an a*hole for not giving her handwritten cards? https://bit.ly/3xZ6rIW

When we need a little help remembering where something is or finding something we’ve misplaced, we use our GPS lost and found tracker tile! It only cost us $5 and it’s already saved us tons of money in items we would have otherwise lost. https://shop.sweetdeals.com/shop/gps-enabled-lost-and-found-tracker-5-pack

He wasn't ready to marry her during their relationship, but 6 months after they split, he married someone else! Why? @TheBertShow gets her the answers she deserves. #ClosureCall https://bit.ly/3f5XTHp

Time for @OpenHouseParty with @thekidlaroi! Set a reminder every Saturday & Sunday night so you don't miss out! You can listen on the Radio, the official BHT app or stream the party on Alexa 🤩✨

These @TheBertShow listeners spilled the tea about some of your fave celebs. Think they're nice? Think again. 👀 ☕ Listen: https://bit.ly/3hd2gTM

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