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Wow what show were you watching? I simply asked if the chocolate chips were “real chocolate” ZERO ABOUT IS vegan real. But thanks anyway.


@CarsonDaly Vegan food IS real! What a stupid comment “is it real?” on Today during @dadaeats segment! SMH

Make sure you’re on proper side of dotted semi-near circle..loot up quickly..stay near the heard...get to circle center..find blue box drops for the good stuff..defend,build,survive! Oh. And dance:) 😬

Allison Gibbs@sqrlmonk

@CarsonDaly can you help me learn the basics of fortnite? I’m loving the concept but die almost as soon as I land most games. #38yearoldlovesgamestoo

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Doc Talk is back with Robin Miller and DJ Gemineye. Hit us up in the comments with questions 🙂

I posted a new video to Facebook

Doc Talk is back! Gemineye and Robin Miller are here with your questions! Join us will ya?

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center stopped by to visit DJ Gemineye with his old friend, Buddy the Owl! Don’t forget to get your tickets for “Toast To The Wild” January 26th at Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites...

This Sunday morning on Clear Connections, Bill Meyer speaks with Luke Benecke, a Civil Engineer and novelist from the Los Angeles area who discusses the up, and downside to the push for self-driving vehicles. Clear...

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