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Ashland, Oregon

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Congrats to @MaelynMusic on winning @NBCTheVoice! You are a true talent. Huge thanks to the hundreds you never see who make our show possible, our crew. They are unquestionably the best in the business. Thank you! Cya next season, thanks for watching everyone.

Records are made to be broken! 😤 But come on I’ve now had enough of this fella @BKoepka 🤣 I was the 1st to shoot 130 at 92 Open, Muirfield. And he just blitzes it with 128!! Didn’t see that at Bethpage Black! @PGAChampionship Congratulations you beast! 👍💪💯

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"Doc Talk" with DJ Gemineye and Dr. Robin Miller, Wednesdays at 2pm! Feel free to ask questions and interact! We won't bite! Well, Gemineye might... but that's his problem.

Still time for you to join us and blow out the candles on Hellgate Jetboat Excursions 60th birthday cake! Tell us why you love living in Southern Oregon on our website by clicking the link below!

Get your AG tickets yet? Andy Grammer will be at the Jackson County Fair Saturday July 13th! He has a song on the soundtrack to the movie "Five Feet Apart", directed by...


Creating and maintaining each of Bicoastal Media’s radio station Web sites;
Work closely with the Director of Digital Services to develop new ideas and implement plans for new Web...

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