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Accomplishing a 100 pound weight loss definitely deserves some recognition on Good News Tuesday!🏋️‍♂️ https://t.co/WnooxMn0aT

This couple needs your help in an ongoing debate about their proposal!💍 https://t.co/Z1kUnnBZqU

"@jennapage and Weezy broke the wishbone and Jenna got the bigger end, so she wished for______"

Jenna's answer: TWO HALLOWEENS!

What else should we have expected from her Halloween filled heart?🖤🎃

"A Thanksgiving tradition is for the president to pardon a turkey, @bigalmack is hoping to get a pardon for _____?"

@JSi5: "How bad his story is going to be on May 7th, 2019"

Who else is still counting down until this day😂😂😂

.@graedrake says "Ralph Breaks the Internet" is classic Pixar, which means it's obviously incredible! Her pro tip: stay to the very end of the movie, even after the credits!!!

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After seeing this spending time with the family on Thanksgiving won't be so bad... https://t.co/WAh7TRqQe0

We hope the person responsible gets theirs! https://t.co/BSVPWJm2u7

In case you missed it this morning. https://t.co/5zkGeNGq36

If you're a cat owner...You know the pain is REAL! https://t.co/CuopXr7qYH

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