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Congratulations to Anna Patton, who is our #HometownHero for December with @cmefcu. Nominate a Hero today at https://t.co/89tlWkANFB Read Anna's story here: https://t.co/GrdhklVCUv

We're back with a BIIIG Friday coming up!
3 more chances to win - @QueenWillRock @foofighters and @trans_siberian tickets all up for grabs!
Big show all morning on @Qfm963

Urban Meyers Retirement Fallout and Ryan Day takes over- Finkes, Boren, and Torg discuss the ramifications of Urban's exit and the expectations now on Ryan Day https://t.co/A4Qsvc4RkE

Back on a Tuesday with a great show coming up!
7:05 - @OzzyOsbourne has narrowly escaped with his life a couple times and we'll take your near death experience calls.
We're JAM PACKED with Giveaways as well - @trans_siberian , @QueenWillRock and @foofighters !!

Back on a Monday! The Buckeyes are Big Ten Champs and Rose Bowl bound - @TIM_MAYsports breaks it all down at 7:40!
PLUS we have 3 HUGE giveaways - one of which we will announce at 8:05!
Don't miss a minute all morning on @Qfm963

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