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Asheville, North Carolina

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Macon County Democrats are "surprisingly undemocratic", says BCW. She's calling for true reform, and adds there's never been a better time for that than now. https://t.co/DZ25sU1QUs

60% of murdered children were killed by their own God damned parents. Half of those molested are molested by their own parents. The biggest thing you can do to make your children safer is not be a danger to them yourself. https://t.co/sgvlYebu9i

Happy #WomensHistoryMonth — cheers to the record-breaking year for women in Congress in 2018.

793 women ran this cycle.

127 women won.

47 of those women are women of color.

And female donors raised $514 million, notably impacting the November outcome. https://t.co/H8pAcfGvf3

WPVM 103.7 Presents the Premier Show of NC Serves Western Branch of Amer... https://t.co/zPyXfeXOfL via @YouTube

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