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WKZL 107.5FM
“107.5 Kzl”
Studio Request Line: (800) 682-1075
Website: https://1075kzl.com
Format: Top 40
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Plastic Surgery Trend Alert: Fix my RBF! (Resting B*tch Face...in case ya' didn't know!)

If you suffer from RBF, would you have this procedure??

Could you handle this? Clear hospital drapes during a C-section- Some hospitals are now offering the option for parents to use clear surgical drapes as part of "gentle" Cesarean sections.

Do you believe in UFOs ? The Navy says those videos of the UFO we saw a couple years ago ARE REAL and shouldn't have gotten out 😳😳

To see the videos from 2017: https://t.co/QMjFheIsmj

Are you excited that Peter 'the Pilot' Weber is the NEW Bachelor!

(pssst. He's the one who did you-know-what with Bachelorette Hannah Brown in the Windmill FOUR TIMES!)

You IN or OUT? Introducing: Cheez-It Lovers Pizza from Pizza Hut!

4 large squares with a crust infused with the sharp cheddar flavor of Cheez-Its and stuffed with either cheese or pepperoni and cheese. A marinara dipping sauce comes on the side.

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