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Southport, North Carolina

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This kid is going far in life! What a good boy! #DadLife ~ Keeler https://t.co/2abl7TblXe

7 Things You Need to Know (11-16-18)

Oxford Dictionary's word of the year for 2018 is 'toxic'…..https://t.co/2kUEbAaX3T

Ariana Grande cut her hair short yesterday….https://t.co/2E0RQigHYS

Kim Porter, Diddy's ex was found dead at 47... https://t.co/2kUEbAaX3T

FINISH THE JOKE! You know you're broke when...(comment with your punchline) ~ Keeler

Well we know what will be first on... https://t.co/IvBgGdhRUc

"Officer Travis" is THE MAN! He always stops and talks to EVERY law enforcement officer he sees to show his appreciation! He is trying to collect police patches from every state and tell his story on Ellen! Let's spread the word and check out... https://t.co/6NQmzYJ1g2

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