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Gettin’ my game face on fellas with the BIC Flex5… and you should too.
I’m talking about a smooth shave without gettin’ played by that overpriced, overhyped brand! #TheBigGame #SmoothShaveSmoothPrice #BICFlex  #Ad

Rover's Holiday Hangover, hosted by @941thezone, doesn't disappoint in providing the audience with fantastic acts to get through those winter blues! Check out our recap of the night with @youngthegiant, @lovelytheband, @grandson, and @Interruptweets!


Some great photos from last night’s Plate-a-Palooza. Thank you to @941thezone, @fickle933 and @warm1013 for a successful event.


ONE MORE SLEEP! Can't wait to see you all tomorrow! #rhh19

Pssst... #HH19 was announced and tickets are just $25 until Christmas. Just pretend it's a #CyberMonday deal that lasts a month.

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