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Syracuse, New York

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Giving away @LightsOTL tix on RockTalk Live tonight! Also, we'll stories about Christmas rock tunes and the artists that played them. One person's name means "Christmas carol" in another language. See you at 8 on the @TKClassicRock Facebook page.


Join us tonight for the @AmeriCU Jim Boeheim Show hosted by @MattPark1 live from @Carrabbas_Cuse in Fayetteville at 7 PM on @TKClassicRock 99/105, https://t.co/OFYsgHOHZ8 & @tunein

.@mrskin gave #GomezAndLisa his list of the 10 best nude scenes of 2018, then a special guest comes in to review the list personally. Catch up here: https://t.co/IfHUXaN7oU

Rolling Stones guitarist says he "got fed up" with boozing ... https://t.co/rGmkRa3RS1

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