“The New Rock Alternative”
Studio Request Line: (518) 734-4747
Website: http://wrrv.com
Format: Alternative
Poughkeepsie, New York

or play live stream here

Where Mark Ruffalo's latest film is causing road closures in the Hudson Valley today. https://t.co/cQlBXnmKGC

Facebook is taking us back in time to the days of Myspace by allowing us to add songs to our profiles. https://t.co/DPR2utwzst

A World War II veteran living in the Hudson Valley turns 100, and he would like your help celebrating the milestone. https://t.co/wy5WKByUQX

One of the biggest names in professional wrestling may have just insulted his biggest fans throughout the Hudson Valley. https://t.co/xDw6CHnFvk

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