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BOMBAST TONIGHT: no special tributes, just two hours of awesome, healing tunes, plus a trip to the "Listening Parlour," with @LadyCatharsis1, which may also be awesome and healing? 9-11pm EST https://t.co/VMR3T33FbK #twithaca #WRFI @WRFIradio

Hi LSS listeners and followers! We are celebrating 2-year anniversary on Air. TELL US! What should our next show be about.... @WRFIradio #FeelingMischievous #anniversary #scicomm #ScienceHumor

We have a new episode today #twithaca! @LimperScience speaks with Allie Buck about being a medical illustrator and @Erac20817 brings an interview with @BemisWilly about living fossils. Listen tonight at 5pm ET on @WRFIradio or at https://t.co/CaqGqqOV5X!

COMING UP AT 5 OFF THE COUCH, renowned Egyptian singer, and human rights advocate Ramy Essam. He'll be at Cornell for two events Monday. Then Jason Livingston whose films will be at Cinema on Wednesday, and Sam Buggeln about "Testosterone" which starts Feb 21 @TheCherryArtspace

BOMBAST TONIGHT: happy birthday to @peterhook !! We will be playing two hours of Joy Division & New Order tunes tonight 9-11pm EST https://t.co/VMR3T33FbK #twithaca #WRFI @WRFIradio

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