“The #1 Hit Music Station”
Studio Request Line: (585) 222-9800
Studio Text Line: 69822
Website: https://98pxy.radio.com
Forum: Top 40
Rochester, New York

or play live stream here

Just in case you could use some more dad jokes in your life 🙂 https://t.co/LnKqFLXHQm

In case you missed it this morning, get #TeamPXY on demand anytime! https://t.co/yOeQ64eNF4

So Facebook accidentally leaked millions of photos? Clearly, Facebook didn't listen to Uncle Ben in Spiderman. - @Debbins98PXY

Did anybody else incorrectly think that Santa Claus was spelled with an 'e' because of the movie with Tim Allen? Blew my mind when I found out it wasn't spelled 'Clause'. - @Debbins98PXY

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