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A little snow...who cares! Packed house today at Clinton Tractor and Implement Co. open house! Stop over and say hi! Here until 1:00!! — attending Clinton Tractor - Annual Open House at Clinton Tractor and Implement Co. https://t.co/nS6vG0ejmt

Does anyone recognize the name, Michael Lang? Are we witnessing the chaos of Woodstock ‘99 all over again with the 50th Anniversary at Watkins Glen? https://t.co/sqP90VULok

See Frank Zappa, who died more than 25 years ago, in holographic form in Albany. https://t.co/9ORi6d6W9g

Maybe you've seen the meme floating around Facebook. It says opossums are really good to have around - even if they do look like giant rats. But is it true? https://t.co/OjUdd4w5Ej

Upstate New York farmers had an unexpected surprise when weather forced Apache pilots to land a helicopter on their farm. https://t.co/NyY47fspNW

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