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In an age where social media & a 24-hour news cycle make avoiding exposure to stories of violence more difficult than in past eras, how do we talk to our children about what they're seeing or hearing? More from M. Dolores Cimini of @UAlbany: https://t.co/Nws7uWoz5B #FamilyActive

In the digital universe, human connection is up for sale to the highest bidder. #RepublicOfDesirePBS - Monday, Feb 25 on WMHT. https://t.co/InvpTYalMn

Congratulations to Content/Engagement Producer Matt Rogowicz for his NY Emmy Award Nomination for The Wounds We Feel at Home!!
This is Matt’s 2nd NY Emmy Nomination. He was also nominated for SPAC at 50.

New poll from @NYNOW_PBS: Are you disappointed Amazon decided not to move its second HQ to NYC? https://t.co/yrCKHPyJfc

Oh, #Oscars: You've had your troubles this year, but the show will go on.

My predictions of the winners, this weekend on @WMHTPubMedia-FM 89.1 and @WEXTRadio-FM 97.7 and 106.1.

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