“Lite 98.7”
Studio Request Line: (315) 721-0987
Website: http://lite987.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Marcy, New York

or play live stream here

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, there is one house in the state of New York that is haunted without a doubt in the eyes of the law... https://t.co/118sB9aqY7

Sensory Saturdays are hoping to bring your family to the theater with a new program. https://t.co/ZMX0bzcIyw

More information has developed since we originally posted this yesterday. The whole thing seems VERY sketchy. https://t.co/akWGByRAoJ

Heads up Boilermaker runners. https://t.co/RFINAmayyJ

Do you always wear a seat belt in the back? https://t.co/5hv0b0nppV

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