“Progressive Radio for Long Island”
Studio Request Line: (585) 335-9369
Website: http://wehm.com
Forum: Alternative
Watermill, New York

or play live stream here

Lauren: In case you missed the Weezer debate on Saturday Night Live last night. LOL!! https://t.co/hKcGulnynF

Missed Bruce Springsteen on Broadway? Watch it now on Netflix! https://t.co/U1SaOS49ME

Harry: My Friday offering for the #EHMGiftList is a very well reviewed Bluetooth Speaker from Ultimate Ears https://t.co/AXdGPLvrdU

Lauren: #EHMGiftList If Santa asks you what to get your favorite DJ for XMAS this year...this is IT!! Coolest video camera ever. https://t.co/hlfKAUBBoo

What kind of bills are we talking?! I would have pulled over for $100 or higher. What about you? https://t.co/MX7hBdKAss

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