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Studio Request Line: (877) 283-5225
Website: http://929jackfm.com
Forum: Classic Hits
Buffalo, New York

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Yeah. we're in on this one. https://t.co/rKDc6wT04n

We're going to choose to believe this is true because it's just too funny not to believe in. https://t.co/QXQMwAcsau

Tell us this list isn't making you nostalgic as hell right now. https://t.co/Zr3lZDV2gV

Oh look at that. More national recognition.

We'll put that on the shelf with the rest. https://t.co/bD9aEWuMv8

Think you don't NEED your smart phone? Prove it and it could pay off. https://t.co/gWnuk9KWND

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