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Watch Dave Grohl debut his one-man instrumental project “Play” live with an all-star band https://t.co/dbANxd8O9J

Today on the show we learned that I have already picked out your baby's name...your little bundle of joy shall be called: Pimp Cane Montgomery Chicken Knuckle. As you were. @powers802 #yourmorningbuzz #MondayMotivation

Today's selection for "Furious Flashback" from a band that is no more and would take more than a miracle for them to reunite. @powers802 #yourmorningbuzz #pigsfly #hellfrozen

Here is this week's Monday meme. @powers802 #yourmorningbuzz #MondayMotivation

A BIG congrats to Ryan Johnson from Williston, he just won the Buzz LA Flyaway to see @twentyonepilots, @muse, @Weezer and more in sunny California this January.#highfive

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