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.@marilynmanson released an extremely NSFW video for #TattooedInReverse featuring @Courtney Love. If you're feeling brave, watch it here: https://t.co/Sm76uXETX4

You have to see this! @PearlJam was joined by one half of @ChiliPeppers for a #NeilYoung cover! https://t.co/I9KgxzIkrn

#JackWhite's new album #BoardingHouseReach is out today! Catch the replay of our special with him tonight at 8pm! https://t.co/84IuZ06sPC

#Instagram has answered our prayers! There's now a "new posts" button that lets you choose when you want to refresh, giving it more of a chronological feel! https://t.co/KLrHFjQHlw

.@30SECONDSTOMARS dropped a new song, #OneTrackMind, featuring @asvpxrocky! Take a listen here and tell us what you think! https://t.co/1J6yDexaMR

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