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Hundreds of young people come to the Altar on Easter Sunday at True Bethel Baptist Church where Pastor Darius Pridgen arranged for Famed Rapper Waka Flocka to attend and speak to the congregation. here's the full story and News Video >>>> https://t.co/CTCPVN7gTW

A group called B.U.F.F.A.L.O. Fathers will be at two locations this week exchanging less violent toys for Toy Guns...here's the info >>>>> https://t.co/LNT0rNSF8p

Can you figure out why Susie did it?
Solve today's WBLK Sunday Head-Scratcher (Brainteaser) (Click Pic to hear the 'Sunday Head-Scratcher') https://t.co/NPE3XVxuKi

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