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WBLI 106.1FM
“Long Islands #1 Hit Music”
Studio Request Line: (631) 955-9BLI
Website: https://www.wbli.com
Forum: Top 40
West Babylon, New York

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*Prays to Krispy Kreme gods to open one up on Long Island*
@krispykreme is bringing back their $1 a dozen price for only a DAY. How soon do you think I can book a plane ticket down south?
https://t.co/IIvab8LrDv -@KianaOnAir

The meme-famous Roger the Ripped Kangaroo has passed away 😭 However, his meme legacy will carry on forever. I won't forget you, Roger!!
https://t.co/YyO7JZ2Xow -@KianaOnAir


Yes, yes, and YES. 2000's #Disney kids, REJOICE! @HilaryDuff has been in talks about a Lizzie McGuire REBOOT! 10/10 would watch 😍
https://t.co/UJucXtWBY7 -@KianaOnAir

BREAKING: @tydollasign has been indicted for felony cocaine possession.
https://t.co/okWJ9XAicS -@KianaOnAir

The "Fearless Girl" now has a new spot in NYC and people LOVE it ❤ So do I!
https://t.co/9Hjxukkvjf -@KianaOnAir

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