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Format: Alternative
Hackettstown, New Jersey


"The new stuff is just as hard if not harder than some stuff that people have been listening to for 20 years," says Guster's Ryan Miller. Read an interview with him ahead of their #XPNFest headlining set next Sunday. https://t.co/rBzwWJ6Snw

.@MalBlum's new record Pity Boy straddles the lines between indie, punk, rock and pop. It is more upbeat and assertive than their previous work, but just as vivid and insightful. Blum and their band The Blums play PhilaMOCA tonight. https://t.co/3gzUn3xUf2

Miss the #IndieRockHitParade session with @FriendsFilthy last night? Listen back to the entire set and watch two videos from the performance at @TheKeyXPN. https://t.co/lLXTSbvE3O

👏👏👏👏👏 Thanks so much for listening today. That was so much fun. I'll see you tomorrow morning...there might even be some more where today's #XPN5050 came from 😉 have a great Saturday night! @wxpnfm

@booker_julian @johnlennon @PaulMcCartney @isaachayes @judee_sill @wxpnfm I remember listening to all these songs when my parents took the whole family to Disney World 1971. Best year of music yet. #XPN5050

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