“Great Freeform Radio”
Studio Request Line: (201) 200-9368
Format: Variety
Jersey City, New Jersey


Coming up today/tonight on WFMU: “Ecophonic Soul.” a mix by writer and musician DeForrest Brown, Jr., on Radio Ravioli; Musician and author Bob Ostertag on Techtonic; Lea Bertucci on Domestic Partner. Times and more info at

"[T]he majority of stock photos of women and non-binary people working in audio will most likely bring up a few photos and ones that are an absolute fail." The Women and Non-Binary People in Audio Photo Project is trying to change this:

A Blondie graphic novel is coming out this fall:

Les Rallizes Dénudés, the mysterious Japanese psych-rock band whose influence is everywhere:

EXP TV, “a live tv channel broadcasting an endless stream of obscure media and video ephemera.
(h/t @morriconeyouth & @DangerMindsBlog)

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