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Forum: Variety
Jersey City, New Jersey

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"Shellac in his veins": an interview with Sire Records co-founder Seymour Stein:

“...the confluence of three golden eras: the cassette tape, ‘alternative music’ and student radio.” Golfcourse Alligators, Bionic Dog, and the Economic Wizards

Do Not Listen: “The only way to experience this piece is to never listen to any of the audio. Listening to the audio, or any part of it, will make you unable to experience the piece.”

The Punk Scene in Yakutsk, Russia Turns Isolation Into Inspiration

"...Cubans have developed a network for trading digital media referred to as 'el paquete semanal,' contained on terabyte-sized USB memory sticks sold weekly to Cuban residents." Everyone’s Going to the Rumba: Trap Latino and the Cuban Internet:

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