“Today’s Best Music”
Studio Request Line: (609) 484-WAYV
Website: http://www.951wayv.com
Format: Top 40
Atlantic City, New Jersey


Find out how can you listen to South Jersey's # 1 Hit Music Station on all of your devices... https://www.951wayv.com/listen-to-wayv-on-all-of-your-devices/

It's American Red Cross month! Join us in supporting those who have been affected by home fires and disasters by donating at your local Wawa until 4/12 ❤️ #AMERICANREDCROSS #WAWA https://vimeo.com/393522933/352272bdae

OOPS! Weve all been there http://www.951wayv.com/embarrassing-woman-finds-plant-shes-been-watering-for-two-years-is-actually-plastic/

Imagine being so fed up with your kid playing video games you let him actually drive your car instead. http://www.951wayv.com/couple-lets-11-year-old-son-to-drive-because-they-were-tired-of-him-playing-grand-theft-auto/

Not a great start! https://www.951wayv.com/new-driver-crashes-his-car-into-river-10-minutes-after-passing-the-driving-test/

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