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TONIGHT July13 AT 5PM EDT: Listen on WNHN to “The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States”—an incredible talk by the national ACLU’s Jeffery Robinson.
https://aclu.org/news/racial-justice/its-time-to-tell-the-truth-about-the-confederacy-and-its-symbols/?initms_aff=nat&initms_chan=eml&utm_medium=eml&initms=200712_georgefloyd_cultivation_gradead_sail&utm_source=sail&utm_campaign=georgefloyd&utm_content=200712_racialjustice_cultivation_gradead&ms_aff=nat&ms_chan=eml&ms=200712_georgefloyd_cultivation_gradead_sail Listen live at 94.7FM or online here: https://tunein.com/radio/WNHN-LP-947-s50650/

Add this to the Monday checklist: At 5pm EDT July13, WNHN in Concord is airing an incredible talk by Jeffery Robinson from the National ACLU, titled “The Truth About the #Confederacy in the US” #nhpolitics #BLM

Listen live on air at 94.7FM or online at: https://tunein.com/radio/WNHN-LP-947-s50650/

Jeffrey Robinson is the ACLU's top racial justice expert and the creator of the very detailed and engrossing program:"The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States". WNHN will air this program on Monday at 5 pm, repeated at 8 am on Tuesday. On http://www.wnhnfm.org

When asked about the safety of Trump's rally, @GovChrisSununu said he wasn’t willing to put himself at risk and that Trump wasn’t getting within 6ft of the crowd.

He's worried about himself and Trump, but won't issue a public health order to protect Granite Staters. #nhpolitics

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