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Do you talk to your dog? Well, your dog is LISTENING!
They process voices in a similar way to humans.
Here's @gibgerard to explain why your dog understands what you're saying!

Beware overusing exclamation points in texts & tweets. (Like this!!!!) Research shows using more !! exclamations !!! causes your message to have less impact!!!! Because it makes it harder for readers to interpret the true EMOTION of your messages. #IFYL

Before cooking fish, soak or rub it with vinegar or lemon juice. The acid will slow chemical changes in fish tissue that normally makes it reek! #IFYL

The #1 reason people blow their diet? Alcohol. Research shows we’re TWICE as likely to give in to cravings for a cocktail, compared to cravings for sweets. And since most cocktails are packed with sugar, they can add a lot of extra calories to your otherwise “healthy” diet. #IFYL

Today's grandparents don't want to be called "grandma" and "grandpa"....
They feel too young and cool for that. Find out what grandparents want to be called by their grandkids....Watch this!

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