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Please trust that most perfumes & colognes last MORE than 5 hours. Meaning: Even if YOU can't smell your scent, WE probably still can. It’s just that’s you’ve gotten used to it, not us. #IFYL

To impress in conversations, avoid “prolixity” – which refers to being long-winded & using as many big words as possible. Studies show you’ll actually sound smarter when you speak less & use shorter words. Because that increases the odds that people will UNDERSTAND you! #IFYL

Ladies – why is your dog suddenly more attentive & cuddly than usual? According to veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber, it could mean you’re PREGNANT! Because dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell, they often detect hormonal changes related to pregnancy even before you do! #IFYL

The number of people with Alzheimer's will surge 40% by the year 2025!
Here are the warning signs - that can help diagnose the disease years before it starts affecting a person's life....

The top sounds that wake us up, according to experiments from sleep experts & psychologists - For men: Car alarms, howling wind, buzzing flies... For women: Crying babies, dripping faucets, rowdy drunks! #IFYL

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