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Ticklish feet? Good news: It means the 7,000 nerves in your feet are sensitive enough to provide ideal balance when walking on most surfaces. But even if NOT ticklish, you can boost balance by standing on alternating feet for 2 mins at a time, 3X a day. #IFYL

Falling in love can make your brain react like it's on a bullet train to Crazy Town! 
Here's @conniesellecca to tell us what happens to our brain when we fall head over heels! 

Helpful breath hack: Garlic breath can last up to 72 hours UNLESS you drink milk. Research shows the fat in milk helps neutralize the sulfur in garlic, so your stinky breath goes away faster! #IFYL

For increased productivity at work, remember this formula: 50 + 10. Meaning, for every 50 minutes of work, do something “mindless” for 10 minutes. Research shows the regular breaks from work will help reset your brain & boost your mental focus. #IFYL

A weird benefit of donating blood: A study found our body burns up to 650 calories REPLACING each pint we donate. So, think of each trip to a @RedCross donation center as 2 hours of moderate walking on a treadmill, for the avg adult! #IFYL

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