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Our guest on the podcast this week is @armanassadi we talk about the mental flow and additional purpose that comes from planning your day according to your brain type via the Project EVO planner. Check out the full interview here: https://t.co/NMqUaT0qfh

More MEN are getting their lips plumped!
@conniesellecca will tell you why there's been a 400% increase in men seeking a fuller pout!

Is it time to pop the question? A University of Illinois study of 200 married couples found the longest lasting ones dated 3.5 years, on average, before they said “I do.” #IFYL

Is it a “date” or just hanging out? A survey found 70% of singles DON’T KNOW whether or not they’re on a real date when they go out with someone they like! It’s why experts say be specific if you have romantic interest. Otherwise, your “dates” may only see you as a friend. #IFYL

Guys, whatever you do, DON'T call your wife one of these names!
I'll tell you the terms women don't like...starting with calling your wife "the boss!"

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