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Here’s an easy way to get more fiber in your diet: Don’t pull off the fuzzy white stuff under the peels of citrus fruit (like oranges). It’s called ALBEDO and it’s mostly fiber. Eat it! #IFYL

Do you regularly use skin cream? The Journal of Drugs & Dermatology says the ideal time to apply it is by 11pm (which is before bedtime for most people.) Because our skin does most of its repair work between 11pm & midnight #IFYL

What’s the big deal with hiding purchases from your spouse? Divorce experts say hidden assets, debts & investments qualify as “financial infidelity” & can be as damaging to relationships as cheating! In fact, they’re a top cause of divorce because they’re a breach of trust. #IFYL

It’s almost SHOWTIME! Check out http://TeshMusic.com for tickets, and we’ll see you on tour!
• Nov 19-21: Dimitriou's Jazz Alley in Seattle, WA
• Nov 22: Admiral Theatre in Bremerton, WA
• Nov 23: The Elsinore Theatre in Salem, OR
Plus more shows thru Dec. 7!

The best exercise for your brain? Researchers recommend running! Because studies have shown that when we constantly adjust our stride to adapt to changing terrains, it’s similar to solving puzzles – which is proven to help boost mental cognition. #IFYL

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