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To track your weight, trust your JEANS more than a scale. Experts say scales often fluctuate due to water weight. But having looser jeans is a sure sign you’re getting slimmer... While tighter jeans are a red flag you’re packing on too much dangerous belly fat! #IFYL

Blame forgetfulness on your COMMUTE. Familiar drives put our brain on “autopilot,” so we’re less focused and more likely to forget things. The fix? Try a new route to familiar places. The more you have to pay attention to your surroundings, the stronger your memory will be. #IFYL

In the morning, do you tend to hit “snooze” when your alarm buzzes? Or, do you consistently wake up before your alarm? A German study found early risers are 3X more likely to WEIGH LESS than snoozers...Because being well-rested helps you have a more efficient metabolism #IFYL

Don’t bring your cell phone into job interviews. 68% of hiring managers say they’ll instantly disqualify you if you answer a call DURING an interview. #IFYL

New podcast alert! Our guest is Jenny Blake, author of the book “Pivot.” This episode is for anyone who feels lost in their career & wants to find passion in their work life. At this link:

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