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Do you recycle? According to a survey, 74% of people say recycling is so important, they’ll avoid spending money at businesses that don’t have a recycling program. And when it comes to dating, 62% of singles say not recycling is a dating deal-breaker! #IFYL

When jogging in daylight, wear sunglasses. Marathon coach A. Kastor says it’ll start a “chain reaction” that makes you run FASTER! Because when you don't have to squint in sunlight, it relaxes muscles in your face & upper body... giving you a more powerful running stride! #IFYL

For the shortest (and safest) lines at grocery stores, for example, go to the LEFT. Since most of us are right-handed & we drive on the right side of the road, we tend to also favor right-sided lines. So, those lines wind up being the longest! #IFYL

I spoke with Pete McMurray and WGN Radio! We talked about my book 'Relentless' and how I came up with the theme ‘NBA on NBC’ - aka 'Roundball Rock'.

New podcast alert! Our guest is Aaron McCormick, author of the book “Unbounded: Journey To Your Within.” We discuss how to identify the expectations that hold you back from your own true potential. Plus more at this link:

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