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Beware PIZZA! According to the US Consumer Products Safety Commission, 2,000+ people go to the ER each year due to “pizza-related accidents.” Including cuts from slicing pizza, burns from handling hot pizza & one case of someone falling out of bed while reaching for pizza! #IFYL

Our Fur Babies! They're truly like our kids. 
Find out how a woman's brain reacts to her kids and her pets! 
Then stay tuned for more pet intel! ...Including how your dog reflects your personality! 

When shopping, remember touching = buying. Even on a touch-screen device. Our brain perceives touching an image onscreen as similar to touching the real thing... so we’re more likely to feel the impulse to buy the item, compared to when we use a PC and click a mouse! #IFYL

Guys, we’ve got to do a better job cleaning our BEARDS! In a recent Swiss study, researchers found 100% of men’s beards contained “high microbial counts” of potentially sickness-causing bacteria. By comparison: Only 75% of dogs had similarly high germ counts. Yikes! #IFYL

During conversations, how long can you pause before the silence is officially “awkward?” A Dutch study found it’s just 4 SECONDS. Because most people say they feel “rejected” or “uncomfortable” if they’ve said something that triggers a pause lasting that long. #IFYL

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