“The Blaze”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: http://963theblaze.com
Format: Rock
Missoula, Montana

or play livestream here

It's all about #FridayThe13th tonight on @LoudwireNights. Ok, also about the music, we'll be playing the new one from @thebandGHOST!
Oh, and the new topic is, what band should be in the @rockhall that isn't (and elaborate on why they should be). 844-205-LOUD

Our guest tonight on @LoudwireNights is the beautiful and talented @itsdorothysucka! It's really inspiring to hear her talk about her road to sobriety, new music and working w living legend @RealLindaPerry. Also 'Flawless' is one of my favs we currently play on the show!

Happy April @Tool's Day! We will break down how we came up with this holiday here at @LoudwireNights tonight, but most importantly we will play TONS O' TOOL!

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