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Meridian, Mississippi


Griffin West is our Piggly Wiggly Birthday Cake Winner today! Griffin is 5 today! Happy Birthday Griffin from everyone at 97OKK!!!

I made the mistake of reading this right before I had to crack the microphone. 😢 😭😢. It’s a beautiful story that proves we never know when our actions will have profound outcomes ❤️ ~Christina https://t.co/VVTMqYKpSy

Let’s start a trend here in the Queen City. https://t.co/VsdRJHaqq2

In honor of Scott zinging Ken on the morning show non stop today The Kenman Top 5 is Top 5 Things Scott had for breakfast this morning! #5. Cap'n Crunch with Strawberry insult Berrys. #4.Wise Ass Frosted Flakes. #3.... https://t.co/expLBVTYrO

Our Thursday Piggly Wiggly Birthday Cake Winner is Able Mcadory. Able is 8 today! Happy 8th Birthday Able from everyone at 97OKK!

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