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This coulda been us – instead of $35 million in concrete barriers and razor wire and ostensibly national guard as mall cops over a couple of months. We coulda had, we shoulda had…

Bless everybody who was able to lay a ear to the Blue, Black, Abyss @kfaiFMradio 90.3fm.. we drowned deep. Shared this exclusive sound work from my film ‘In This Wicked Womb’. I’ll pump a link of the program soon 💙🌎

New show "2-28-2021 Kingdom Praise FM Holy Hip Hop, Gospel Rap, Rhythm & Praise..." up now at https://www.mixcloud.com/kfaiFMradio/2-28-2021-kingdom-praise-fm-holy-hip-hop-gospel-rap-rhythm-praise-agatha-all-along-remix/ Check it out now!

Today's a great day to catch up on any of yesterday's special programming that you missed. Celebrating black history, black presence and black futures. What was your favorite show of the day?


MRNC is closing out #BlackHistoryMonth with The Black House - A celebration of black history viewed through the lens of house music!

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