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New show "The Dollar Bin 079" up now at https://www.mixcloud.com/kfaiFMradio/the-dollar-bin-079/ Check it out now!

ICYMI: @LatinoAltROCK had @IlhanMN on for a pretty raw and emotional discussion with Ms. Margaret on Friday. The talk stretched over two program from 5 to 6:15 - listen to the full archive here:

Charging this rent (for a STUDIO) on Chicago and Lake is hateful, unhinged, predatory, despicable, inhumane, fucking gross and a lot of other bad things.

We have a sitting US rep from our own state, boasting his intent to leave US citizens high + dry, like they deserved disaster. Emmer knows, and all his constituents know, the vast majority of Minneapolis residents were just as helpless as when a tornado touches down.

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