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Bringing the party to @ClockwerksBrews this evening and representing @KfaiamDrive. 7 to 11 with specials on KFAIBock - it's seasonal, so these are your last few weeks to enjoy it!

Thirty minute warning! I'll be LIVE on @kfaiFMradio guest hosting "True Brit! Radio" TONIGHT from midnight to 2am CDT! If you can't pull down 90.3 FM locally you can STILL stream me over on https://t.co/4U7aRt6Ou8! And if you read this too late, the archive will ALSO be there!

Indigenous Roots is essentially a current affairs and interview show that happens to give about 50% of it's air time to music. If you haven't heard it, you can tonight on @kfaiFMradio at 6pm. 90.3 FM in Minneapolis, streaming everywhere at https://t.co/hDpQFwotRj.

Tune in to the latest stories from KFAI's @MinneCulture.

They got punk rock poetry, local jazz, and #Minnesota history. Also, hear the story behind Jesse Ventura's bizarre political ads for governor.

Catch it all at their soundcloud page here: https://t.co/HU1itGCt52

His set was:
The War on Drugs - Red Eyes
Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights
Prefab Sprout - King of Rock 'n' Roll

So yeah, you could say this is off to a good start. Submit your set to @KfaiamDrive with the tag #YourThreeSongs

Barb Abney@BarbAbney

Today on @KfaiamDrive’s #YourThreeSongs we’re turning the airwaves over to our friend @AdamUren of @bringmethenews! This set features his son’s favorite tunes.

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