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Tomorrow's theme on the "Back In The Day Easy Cafe", songs with body parts in the title!! Leave a song here and listen at noon on Easy 99.1

This is the Cracker Seasoning that Kevin and Scott were talking about this morning....do yourself a favor and try it....ITS GREAT!!!!
https://t.co/9z05r7WePo https://t.co/9z05r7WePo

An uncle decided to make a crib for his nephew... and you might remember this classic scene from a certain movie back in 1975. And don't worry, he also made a "bigger" boat um crib.

What other classic movie from the... https://t.co/JWPwEFdd4n

Be ready at noon on the "Back In The Day Easy Cafe" on Friday!! Songs with "HEART" in the title!! Start the list here!!

Tomorrow, on the "Back In The Day Easy Cafe", the opposite of last weeks theme....songs with MEN'S names in the title. Tell me your favorite and listen at noon on Easy 99.1!!!

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