WWMX 106.5FM

WWMX 106.5FM
“Mix 106.5”
Studio Request Line: (410) 583-1065
Website: https://mix1065fm.radio.com
Forum: Top 40
Baltimore, Maryland

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We're surprised no.7 even made the list. #Halloween #Candy https://t.co/dZGRcgWo9W

Find out how you can win $1,000 from us. https://t.co/aYQmyA0W6c https://t.co/YRPMRiyJlz

Is your costume on the list? #Halloween https://t.co/GzU90dAoRz

Do you think @ShawnMendes has what it takes to play Elvis? The #WeCanSurvive star has the perfect hair for it, after all! https://t.co/iPZzykKAEK

#WeCanSurvive performer @Meghan_Trainor is low key over the traditional wedding planning... so she's getting a bounce house in protest 👸 https://t.co/Ev15kORvyl

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