“Fresh FM”
Studio Request Line: None Available
Website: https://947thedrive.radio.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Bethesda, Maryland

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See how social media users reacted to the rebranding:

"Crystal City is a nightmare of a place and 'renamed in honor of large new office park' is the perfect thing to happen to it." https://t.co/9fV4lGbTm4

Here's what the masses are searching for when #Thanksgiving rolls around... https://t.co/rg5WFSA1bH

An avid scuba diver and member of the KISS Army...get to know your new afternoons host @albiedee! https://t.co/9iSBcJfiPz

Being near the nation's capital could help Amazon with lobbying efforts as the company, and other fast-growing tech giants, face rising scrutiny from politicians. https://t.co/rHEBbHefaV

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