“Washington’s Classical Station”
Studio Request Line: (301) 695-9373
Website: https://weta.org
Format: Classical
Hagerstown, Maryland


Need to catch up on the latest episode of #SanditonPBS? Our @telly_visions recap can help: https://blogs.weta.org/tellyvisions/2020/02/16/sanditon-recap-episode-7 #Sanditon

It's with great sadness to share that Johni Cerny, our chief genealogist for #FindingYourRoots, has passed away. We've worked with Johni, one of the most highly respected and pioneering genealogists, since we created the PBS series. My full remarks here: http://facebook.com/HenryLouisGatesJr/photos/a.313136025467081/2773149752799017/

Local officials quickly ruled a Black teenager’s death a suicide. But his mother believes he was lynched. Tune in or stream #AlwaysInSeasonPBS - Monday, Feb 24 on @PBS. https://to.pbs.org/2D7EELg

The finale of #SanditonPBS airs this Sunday, and we promise, you're not ready. #Sanditon https://watch.weta.org/video/preview-xqtmsd/

This week Go-go was named the official music of Washington, #DC but we are STILL without an official song. It hasn't been for lack of trying. Just ask former Mickey Mouseketeer, Jimmie Dodd. https://blogs.weta.org/boundarystones/2019/07/15/washingtons-official-song #DChistory

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