“Washington’s Classical Station”
Studio Request Line: (301) 695-9373
Website: https://weta.org
Format: Classical
Hagerstown, Maryland

or play live stream here

DC Summer starts with the low & constant rumble of thousands of motorcycles coming into our area. Some of us don’t even need alarm clocks on Sunday AM. ❤️ Pls watch out for our friends from Rolling Thunder this wknd. Let’s be on our best behavior for our new out of town friends!

Thank you #EmbassySeries and @wetatvfm for hosting this lovely concert at #AndersonHouse in #DC. The violinist #IJungChang and pianist #ChuangPeterFang (from Taipei) were fabulous!

Available to stream online: Bio-archaeologists investigate a 9th-century mass grave thought to hold a lost Viking army.

Watch "Lost Viking Army" from @novapbs at the link below or via the free PBS Video App: https://t.co/L8eEGKQCam

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