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A new study shows #couples who eat #seafood have more #sex. Unless, of course, the seafood is from Long John Silver's, in which case you can replace "sex" with "diarrhea." #joke - Dave & @djlisag https://t.co/Arc0Hm8YQc

Paul McCartney Announces New Album - Listen to two new songs on our website now! - Dave & Lisa https://t.co/79PXQejqKD https://t.co/79PXQejqKD

Who wants a $100 milkshake? - Dave & Lisa https://t.co/IMgfMk6jAX

A new #study says that #men think their meal tastes better when the server is #attractive. Which, finally, explains how @Hooters is STILL selling wings. - Dave & @djlisag https://t.co/3dD7e22NM0

Robert Plant Turned Down a Role in "Game of Thrones" Because He "Didn't Want to Be Typecast"! - Dave & Lisa https://t.co/4uKpXhesLB https://t.co/4uKpXhesLB

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