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Sanford, Maine

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Well they said shark week is over... but I guess not on the cape 🦈😯 https://t.co/4e7InalQLI

Men have better sex with women that are emotionally unstable. I'm fine with that. After all, women NEED to be emotionally unstable to want to have sex with me. - Dave Stevens https://t.co/vD7WUK88zh

Two #lunchladies were busted #stealing almost $500,000 from a #Connecticut #school. Cops were suspicious when they saw two lunch ladies smiling. - Dave & @djlisag https://t.co/kXTD0NFAgZ

The #FDA says people are using their #pets to get #opioids . You have to admire the talent. My dog can't even catch his own damn tail. - Dave & @djlisag https://t.co/f2l4OakjCa

Last Year Saw 141 Babies Named Tesla . . . 18 Named Espn . . . and 11 Named Arson???? - Dave & Lisa https://t.co/24sOHnbeR4 https://t.co/24sOHnbeR4

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