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Sugarfina releases CORONA-flavored candies in celebration of the summer (and they even come with lime accompaniments). It's just $7.50 for a single cube..hmmm Ready to try it? - Dave & Lisa

#Amazon is launching a service where they can #deliver a #package to your #cartrunk. Speaking of "putting a package in a trunk" . . . Stormy Daniels' new porno is out. - Dave & @djlisag https://t.co/xcMZBeL6oX

A new #study says 89% of #NFLplayersUsePot:. . . Know those clouds of smoke you see when they're introduced onto the field? Yeah, that's not from a machine. 😉 - Dave & @djlisag

A #racehorse named #Gronkowski had to bow out of the #KentuckyDerby due to illness . . . Although, if he's anything like his namesake, it was more likely a hangover. 😉 #LoveTheGronk - Dave & @djlisag

Check out how far this kid went on a prank to ask a girl to the prom! - Dave & Lisa https://t.co/TmTaJlebs2 https://t.co/TmTaJlebs2

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