WBLM 102.9FM

WBLM 102.9FM
“Maine’s Rock Station”
Portland, Maine


Thanks to @WBLM1029 for sharing @Aerosmith's @IamStevenT & @JoePerry stopping by V66 in 1986! https://wblm.com/blimp-time-hop-aerosmith-rises-again-in-1986-live-at-the-cccc/

Listen to @WBLM1029 takes me back to my teen years and late nights working with my cousin in the garage on the Bronco. Now at 50 I listen all the way in Cali to keep that garage motivation going along with my hot rod project moving along. Thank you WBLM 🤘🏻🍻

LIVE & LOCAL: Nobody knows local live music history better than The Captain at the legendary classic rock station @WBLM1029 in our Portland, Maine market. Check out his latest rocking list. https://wblm.com/9-amazing-acts-that-played-as-opening-bands-at-the-civic-center-in-portland-maine/

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