WXXZ 103.3FM

WXXZ 103.3FM
“Lexington’s Pure Rock”
Studio Request Line: (859) 280-1033 OR (877) 444-1033
Website: http://www.zrock103.com
Forum: Rock
Lexington, Kansas

or play live stream here

Ya know, it's OK to say NO to a Facebook challenge!
https://t.co/q7w5pXLEBx https://t.co/q7w5pXLEBx

Why? Because Florida...
https://t.co/0tsddg5FLf https://t.co/0tsddg5FLf

FOUR watches up there? That is impressive, even for Florida!
https://t.co/x4w3DdQZTy https://t.co/x4w3DdQZTy

The average woman spends $3 a day on their face... SOME people are WAY OVER-PAYING! 🙂

https://t.co/FScckz7o7O https://t.co/FScckz7o7O

Well then, HOW did it get up there???
https://t.co/CIo6CMH5yt https://t.co/CIo6CMH5yt

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