“The Big Dawg”
Studio Request Line: (270) 789-WVLC
Website: http://wvlc.com
Format: Country
Campbellsville, Kentucky

or play live stream here

From tractor sheds to sold out stadiums! We look back on the superstar career of @LukeBryanOnline! 🚜➡️🏟️

.@LukeBryanOnline is a mama’s boy through and through and we can see why! Hear all about what makes his mom LeClair so special:

We were like, "Oh my God, this is my song!”… One of @LukeBryanOnline's biggest hits, “Play it Again” is number one on our all-Luke #1s countdown special this week. Congrats on taking the No.1 spot!

Why @blakeshelton wants to punch @LukeBryanOnline in the face? It's not what it sounds like...or is it?! 😲 Find out coming up

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