“The Big Dawg”
Studio Request Line: (270) 789-WVLC
Website: http://wvlc.com
Format: Country
Campbellsville, Kentucky

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FINALLY! @ShayMooney from @DanAndShay addresses his ‘Zipper Gate’ mishap at the Grammy's! Catch it this weekend on Hot 20!

You get to keep @DanAndShay “all to YOURself” this weekend…we bring you all the fun from their headlining tour + @blakeshelton surprise gone wrong!? Tune in Sat & Sun at 9a/8c

“But that first one, that’s as innocent as it gets.” @garthbrooks takes a trip down memory lane reminiscing on his first single debut 30 years ago! https://t.co/Rl8VNQreW4

Brushing @ladyantebellum up on their London history, but we must say we got a smart group on our hands! https://t.co/Pe17RJSd2P

We’re with our favorite @camcountry spilling the tea the London way… with class of course! https://t.co/OKaCAdCPNI

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