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WRIL 106.3FM
“The Big One 106.3 FM”
Studio Request Line: (866) 717-6468
Website: http://www.thebig1063.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Pineville, Kansas

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KY Courts impose new guidelines for COVID red counties


Usually just let Twitter follow our Facebook feed. Originating a tweet to see who sees it.
Thanks gor any feedback

From fb friend Whitney Paige Billing

"There is a grown husky at the Pic Pac (Pineville) red light scared to death trying to walk out into traffic. Looked like it had a collar on or a harness"

If this is your furbaby, please come get him/her.

Any parents out there would do this to make sure their daughter is safe? https://www.facebook.com/503099306/posts/10159211076219307/

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