“Quicksie 98.3”
Studio Request Line: (270) 763-9830
Studio Request Line Toll Free: (800) 905-0983
Website: https://www.quicksie983.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

or play live stream here

With GLL being over i would like to keep the momentum going for this split and join a teams coaching staff as strategic coach !
Achievements of the past 2 splits
UKEL finalist
Promoted from PRM Div 3 to PRM Div2
Promoted to GLL > 4th place in playoffs
Promoted to TES Denmark

We will smurf soon.

Exodias wrath will be swift.

All these peasants thinking we aren’t good.



Vi søger et sødt menneske til at hjælpe os dette split med at finde scrims og styre kontakten med http://leagues.gg

Betalt hjælp selvfølgelig 🙂

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