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Whitesburg, Kentucky

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One in three people living in rural America say homelessness is a problem in their community, a problem that's only been exacerbated by the #opioidepidemic. From @OVReSRC: https://t.co/rDffXb0vZA

The first pride parade was a riot. Marsha P Johnson shouted "I got my civil rights," threw a glass & started the 1969 #Stonewall riot. Beside her? Another trans woman of color, Sylvia Rivera, shouting "I'm not missing a moment of this–it's the revolution!" May they rest in power.

Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could have one single conversation about Appalachia that didn’t involve JD Vance or Hillbilly Elegy? https://t.co/cWIaI2xuw1

At 6 pm Mon. on @wmmtfm FM bestselling author @Sarah_Smarsh & WV investigative journalist @Kenwardjr will be discussing rural realities and misrepresentations, their keynote at Life in Rural America Symposium. We will post on https://t.co/5wVQpqyo63 website/podcast 2.

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