“Mountain Community Radio”
Studio Request Line: (606) 633-1208
Studio Request Line Toll Free: (888) 396-1208
Website: https://www.wmmt.org
Format: Variety
Whitesburg, Kentucky

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We’re passionate about old time music. We amplify our region's music at @Appalshop via June Appal Recordings, at WMMT via volunteer DJs, Seedtime & Passing the Pick & Bow.

Stream last night's @InAppalachia about another outfit doing similar work.

@wmmtfm I’ve been listening from Kansas for a few years now, and hearing the selection of jams tonight has left me pleasantly surprised. I DID NOT EXPECT the solid rap that keeps coming through my speakers.

Super cool to see my home station @wmmtfm in conversation with participatory rural media in Brazil: Radical Media Challenges Rural Stereotypes | Anthropology News https://www.anthropology-news.org/index.php/2020/02/24/radical-media-challenges-rural-stereotypes/#.XlVjsCorLx4.twitter

Concerned when our kids have to share old textbooks? Upset when daycare closes? Nervous about driving on bridges that still haven’t been repaired?

Connect these realities at home to our legislators in Frankfort. If you missed last night's @makeconnectnews, stream it on our site.

We’re concerned when our kids have to share old, textbooks, upset when the daycare closes, nervous to drive over a bridge that still hasn't been repaired.

But we don’t always connect these realities to our legislators in Frankfort. Tonight on the latest @makeconnectnews at 6 PM.

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