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What’s wrong with how the national media tells the story of Appalachia & why does it matter?

We talked in our @wmmtfm studio with @CaseyGrants about the ongoing pattern of flawed, oversimplified & damaging stories told about our region. https://t.co/AdzQB9N5vf

"As a teenager I kept thinking 'Why don’t the adults around here say something?'" Claudette was 15 when she refused to give up her seat on a bus in AL.

Here in KY we've seen firsthand what young people can accomplish. #HBD Ms. Colvin.

(c) Robert Shetterly

Happy #InternationalDogDay from Key, Clyde, Opal, & Junebug (clockwise from top left) - the pups of WMMT!

Local women and other community members in Kingsport have reached day 111 of a peaceful protest: they are fighting for decent rural healthcare. https://t.co/BVnCDrGSxd

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