WMJM 101.3FM

WMJM 101.3FM
“R & B and Classic Soul”
Studio Request Line: (502) 571-1013
Website: https://www.1013online.com
Format: Hip Hop and R&B
Louisville, Kansas

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Beware of the Goblins at the Gas Pump! That's code for Fraudulent Credit Card Skimmers. Be warned.... #CreditCardSkimmers #GasPumpGoblins 😣😲 http://www.1013online.com/kentucky-agency-warns-of-gas-pump-skimmers-after-month-of-record-issues/

Does anyone else hate it when the clocks change and now it gets dark all early? Kentucky could pass a Bill that could do away with the time change! #NoMoreDaylightSavings #NoMoreTimeChange 😎😂 http://www.1013online.com/as-daylight-saving-nears-could-kentucky-do-away-with-the-time-change/

I'm not a fan of Cancel Culture and neither is Barack! 'That is not activism'! Do you agree? When being 'Woke' goes too far..... #TooWoke #CancelCutlure 👍😉 http://www.1013online.com/obama-blasts-call-out-culture-that-is-not-activism-get-over-being-woke-and-calling-people-out/

Ellen transforms to Cardi E for Halloween! Cardi needs to give our girl Ellen some twerking lessons before she leaves the set for real! Check out Ellen's struggle twerk! #CardiE #CelebrityHalloweenCostumes 😜😅😄 http://www.1013online.com/cardi-b-meets-ellens-racy-halloween-alter-ego-cardi-e-as-they-twerk-on-each-other/

Niecy Nash made headlines by saying a few months ago, " A BJ a day keeps the divorce attorney away". Well do the math... Because she's getting a divorce. Someone dropped the ball, or should I say balls... 'Literally' #celebritydivorce http://www.1013online.com/niecy-nash-announces-split-from-her-husband-jay-tucker-after-8-years-of-marriage/

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