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YEEESSS!!! A New Ghostbusters is on the way from the original franchise! Here is the teaser trailer... https://t.co/NdXY3D5LEQ

Want to touch @jtimberlake? A lady who touched his hand 5 times at his #NewOrleans show is selling handshakes for $2! 🤝

#ReganStewart #10MinuteTune

.@chuckwicksmusic is heading to court later this morning for a speeding ticket (74mph in a 55) AND expired registration (which he has since gotten updated).

What's your advice for him???

“I wrote #GIRL, actually, as a conversation that started talking to another girl... and then I realized, ‘oh, I’m not talking to another woman, I’m talking to me.’

I need to calm down & just stop over exhausting myself w/ this comparison & that inner criticism.”


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