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Lexington, Kentucky

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You are going to be a part of it right? Our Game of Drinks Pub Crawl on Saturday, April 20th? Here's all the details --> https://t.co/JnGxZWFt8K

Are you headed to #Woodstock50? The lineup includes some very talented country acts... https://t.co/umUgO3d2P1

It's a good day for this rising Country Star who picked up an Emmy Nomination... https://t.co/gFF1IN0UPj

How many “chugas” are in @KevinMacVA’s “choo choo?”

Find out in this morning’s #10MinuteTune! 🚂

Tune in to hear @KevinMacVA’s #10MinuteTune about the “chuga” debate in 10 minutes!

How many “chugas” are there before “choo choo?” Some day 2, some say 4, and some say 8.

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