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Website: https://www.969kissfm.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Lexington, Kentucky

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Winter Weather Advisory extended until 7 am Sunday for the Bluegrass. https://t.co/BvoyuRecz2

There's always one, right? Happy Friday, everyone! https://t.co/N8XvD2j1Aq

Today’s Oddcast: “Rules of the Crying Bathroom”
Text "Oddcast" to 888-262-7437 and we'll send it to your phone. https://t.co/EaRhgqBuNo

Winter Weather Advisory for the Bluegrass from 4 pm Saturday through 10 am Sunday. https://t.co/eg5u6XUWps

Lamar Reviews - The Upside
Text “Movie” to 888-262-7437 and we’ll send it to your phone! https://t.co/Ud8y5d8iBy

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