“Kiss FM”
Studio Request Line: (859) 280-KISS (5477)
Website: https://www.969kissfm.com
Format: Adult Contemporary
Lexington, Kentucky

or play live stream here

Congratulations to Rick Fleckinstein from Versailles, our Air Supply @ EKU Center for the Arts (5/2) winner!

"Whatcha Drinking" was what the @KyTasteBuds were talking about on their show Saturday on KISS 96.9! Get links from the show and download it in the Past Show Archives! http://969kissfm.com. https://www.969kissfm.com/2019/03/28/ky-taste-buds-on-kiss-96-9-saturday-from-8-to-10-am/

Random Acts of Kindness was the subject of this weeks @KyTasteBuds show on KISS 96.9! Need a link? Maybe the whole show? That's in the Past Show Archives! Thank you! http://KISS969.com https://www.969kissfm.com/2019/03/28/ky-taste-buds-on-kiss-96-9-saturday-from-8-to-10-am/

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