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Good morning! The @benandkellyshow are ready to go! Get ready to get in on the #DJXChopperShopper at 7am. Stream the show http://www.wdjx.com

Information you'll need: @theofficenbc Christmas episodes...
🎄 Season 2, Episode 10
🎄 Season 3, Episode 10
🎄 Season 5, Episode 13
🎄 Season 7, Episodes 11 & 12
🎄 Season 8, Episode 10
🎄 Season 9, Episode 9

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What happens in #Vegas STAYS in #VegasStrong

You could be spending NYE with @maroon5 beginning at 7! https://www.wdjx.com/contests/win-a-trip-to-las-vegas-to-see-maroon-5/

So @justinbieber weighed in on the troubles @taylorswift13 has been experiencing with Scooter and Big Machine... https://www.wdjx.com/justin-bieber-weighs-in-on-taylor-swift-drama/

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