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The doggie is named Rosie! As we celebrate AC/D-Cember. Kristen came by to pick up a prize. You could say nothing in the lyrics of Whole Lotta Rosie apply to her. Dennis' story, maybe????

Could movie theatres be a thing of the past? Who's blowing out the candles today? 2 celebrities who live in the Bluegrass have good news to share. The top 5 rock LP's of 2020. A new smoking ban, and more here! Have a great weekend! #classicrock http://www.classicrock921fm.com/maxs-morning-blog/

Tyrel and Anthony picking up their Limited Edition Classic Rock 92 One Travel Mugs from Max. They are running out of here. DeadAir Dennis has another shot at 4:15 with "Game On!" Live and Local is where it's at! #congrats #rock #classicrock #CR921

Dale picked up his prizes from "Game On!" Another winner from right here in the Bluegrass! #congrats #rock #classicrock #CR921

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