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Bowling Green, Kansas

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AA here - You hear me talk a lot about how nice Clayton Homes are. But sometimes it's best to hear from the folks who love living in them! Check out this link, then visit my friends at @claytonhomes of Bowling Green!
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If you ask me, the Farmhouse style is an awesome look and never goes out of style. Clayton Homes of Bowling Green has options to add the farmhouse look to your dream home! Follow the link for more info. AA
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Mammoth Cave National Park says the Green River Ferry will be closed to traffic today, along with select times next week. https://t.co/zcdQfsXAxa

What a cool story! 😲 This gives me hope for a wallet I lost a few years ago.. #BeaverMorningCrew https://t.co/HVJ5YAqr48

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