KKSW 105.9FM

KKSW 105.9FM
“Kiss 105.9”
Studio Request Line: (785) 842-1059
Website: http://www.1059kissfm.com
Forum: Adult Contemporary
Lawrence, Kansas

or play livestream here

Nooooooo!!!!! 🙄 -Joshua James https://t.co/4ezUPeRayU

The The Kansas City Chiefs & THE Chiefs KINGDOM had a MVP off of the field on Saturday. CHECK THIS OUT! - Joshua James https://t.co/F85hhpVa7a

Love artists that can be vulnerable and REAL. Khalid gets real vulnerable here & opens up about his struggle with social anxiety! - Joshua James https://t.co/tCaNB0AE3V

Posty loses a bet worth $20,000.00 LOL. - Joshua James. https://t.co/7Dqg2iWYnm

Please be careful if you must be on the roads tonight! https://t.co/8LGDIVO9vi

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